EU companion diagnostics regulatory developments – the movie


Now that my firm Axon Lawyers has a YouTube channel, why not use it more?

I was recently invited as speaker to the DIA Meeting on Personalized Medicines and Companion Diagnostics in Washington DC (well, Alexandria, VA, an affluent suburb of DC), on 6 November 2013.

However, due to an unfortunate mix of circumstances I had to leave DC some time before my speaking slot so I recorded my presentation as a movie for the conference.

Because information wants to be free, I have also posted it on my firm’s YouTube channel for you to watch: 33 minutes and 27 seconds of action packed and exhilarating legal and regulatory update on how the EU may (it’s all still very much in flux, mind you) regulate companion diagnostics under the proposed IVD regulation, as per the state of the Parliament’s plenary amendments. I hope it is useful entertainment on a rainy day of which we will most likely have many this autumn.


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