Brexit is a fact – now deal with it

Following the European Parliament’s vote, the Council has now also agreed to the Brexit with its decision on the conclusion of the withdrawal agreement on behalf of the EU. The EU Parliamentarians sang off the UK members and celebrated that they never have to speak to Nigel Farage again. UK EU civil servants are clearing […]


What to expect for 2019 with MDR and IVDR implementation?

Remember the CAMD Roadmap (dating back to end 2017) that promised us a roll-out of MDR and IVDR items that were sometimes even marked ‘high priority’ and how that lifted our spirits (at the time)? Remember how this was supplemented with the Rolling Plan, which promised the roll-out of all roll-outs for 2019? I have […]


Don’t give me Brexit problems, give me Brexit scenarios

At the moment I spend a considerable amount of my lawyering time answering questions concerning Brexit problems. My first question back to the company is: what are your Brexit scenarios? Did you make a plan to cover the scenarios and follow through? Often the answer is “no, we don’t have a plan, because we don’t […]

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