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Karin Verzijden

Karin is a food and pharma lawyer, assisting food business operators and biotech & pharmaceutical companies bringing innovative products to the (EU) market. In particular, she facilitates commercial and R&D driven (licensing) transactions. In those transactions, she applies her specific legal and business expertise on food and pharma, including clinical trials, medical foods, Novel Foods and food supplements.

Karin also advises on data protection legislation; helping companies in getting up to speed with the GDPR requirements. Furthermore, she assists with borderline issues, advising companies on how to position their product upon market introduction. She knows how to avoid making medical claims for food products and how to make proper use of nutrition and health claims. Karin reports on current EU and international food law developments on her blog www.foodhealthlegal.com.
Karin contributes to international conferences on a regular basis. In 2018, she will be speaking at Vitafoods in Geneva, the International Life Sciences Institute Symposium in Madrid and Food Matters Live in London.

In addition to her law degree, Karin holds a Master of Arts degree in French. Karin has a broad cultural and culinary interest.

Karin's articles


Trends at Vitafoods … and what you should know if you decide to be part of it

From 7 – 9 May 2019, the Vitafoods conference took place again in Geneva. For a few years in a row, I presented at the Education Program. This year I was asked to discuss the application of CBD in food products, which is currently a hot topic. Below, I will share the insight from my […]


Regulatory pathways for clean meat in the EU and the US – differences & analogies

Now that the US regulatory framework is shaping up, the analogies and differences with the European regulatory framework for market access for clean meat becomes more and more clear. This blogpost reports these analogies and differences, based on the agreement that the FDA and USDA recently concluded on their cooperation in the field of clean […]


Cannabis derived food products – what’s the current state of play?

Recently, CBD food products were qualified as Novel Foods requiring a market authorization. The lively trade in these products therefore currently seems to be at risk. However, not all cannabis derived products…

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