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Karin Verzijden

Karin is a life sciences lawyer with a focus on functional foods, feed and pharmaceuticals. She assists companies in the entire chain with the introduction of innovations in the market. This includes:

• the qualification of new ingredients or processing agents;
• clinical trials;
• research grants such as Horizon 2020 and the Dutch Innovation Grant;
• the conclusion of R&D and licensing agreements with regard to these products;
• labeling and marketing advice using nutrition and health claims (and avoiding medical claims).

Karin also advises on personalization of food and lifestyle interventions based on the obligations arising from the GDPR. She is furthermore active in the field Novel Foods and helps companies obtaining marketing authorizations for alternative proteins, such as cultured meat and insects. Due to the fork-to-farm approach embodied in EU food & feed legislation, Karin is familiar with the authorities supervising these types of products and provides assistance in enforcement actions when needed.

Karin is a regular speaker at international conferences, including Vitafoods, Food Matters Live and the International Scientific Conference on Cultured Meat. She reports current developments in the field of food law at www.foodhealthlegal.com.

Karin's articles


Impossible and Incredible And Yet Really Happened

What can we learn from the Impossible vs. Incredible case in the Netherlands? At the end May this year, the Court of The Hague rendered a remarkable judgment: at the request of Impossible Foods, Nestlé was banned from launching its INCREDIBLE BURGER in the EU. How is this possible? Impossible Foods is not even on […]


Labeling and Advertising of Alternative Protein

Sneak peek of Vitafoods Protein Summit Consumers nowadays tend to include more and more plant-based products into their diet. For instance, a study ordered by DuPont Nutrition established double digits of growth for non-dairy ice-cream, dairy and cheese during the year preceding June 2018.  More recently, NPR published an overview demonstrating which products were most […]


Trends from Silicon Valley for meat alternatives

What does the future of our meat look like? This topic was the subject of the Annual Conference of the Good Food Institute (GFI), which took place in San Francisco last month. GFI is an American non-profit organization that works with entrepreneurs, scientists and investors to make groundbreaking good food a reality. GFI focuses on […]

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